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Dec 29, 2012 7:00am EST
, the senator from california, the hon. dianne feinstein. >> mr. speaker, nancy pelosi, mrs. bush, harry reid, leader mcconnell, secretary of state hillary clinton and my colleagues in government this is a special day to honor a special person in a special place. for many years i have followed tragedies and victories of this uncommonly courageous and persistent woman. in 1988 she quickly rose to be the voice of democracy in burma creating the lead for democracy, elections followed in 1990 when her party won 80% but that joy turned to tragedy and the the military junta and aung san suu kyi spent 3 decades under house arrest unable to visit her dying husband. in 1996 i recall senator bill cohen approaching with senator mccain to sponsor a burma sanction bill, sanctions were put in place in 1997 and only loosened in july of this year. senator mcconnell became one of aung san suu kyi's chief advocates and we continue to work on behalf of the people of burma. in 2003 following an assassination attempt senator mcconnell and i worked to pass an important man the remains in place today, an effort to
Dec 24, 2012 6:00pm EST
many of the people where they are and that's when dianne feinstein center board of directors -- [inaudible] anybody who has been through haight, when i came up, she says [inaudible] this has been a neighborhood for 52 years. watching the games. my story, which david asked us to share with you, 1967, that neighborhood was totally crazy. professor of medicine -- [inaudible] is a second career failure and mental comments. what happened as we were built on rock 'n roll, concerts and had all these celebrities. i was trying to date donation from them. [inaudible] so we were totally volunteers. he said that hells angels rent a day care center are sent game like that. [inaudible] so what i did was work during the day and then just haight-ashbury clinic at night. it is going to come in and make a big donation rate of fire. i told everybody that was going to come and there is an opportunity for donation of course. if you recall that era, nobody checked anybody's credentials. you couldn't tell the difference between the patience, staff, whatever. it is a volunteer position. the nameless
Dec 22, 2012 7:00am EST
of course for senators based there to do their work. so senator dianne feinstein's staff joined in my office in the russell building. my chief of staff at the time gave them full access. one of senator feinstein's staff members commented on that. republican office giving democrats free rein. my chief of staff just said they have full access but complete trust in them. senator feinstein and i have teamed up to pass important legislation. the hutcheson/feinstein overseas commission that studied the training capabilities and costs of overseas military bases to determine their value compared to american bases. this resulted in consolidation and closures that brought thousands of troops back to the united states where training and rapid deployment was superior. we passed the feinstein hutchison breast cancer stamp bill, voluntary purchase has raised $72 million for breast cancer research. that was senator feinstein's idea and senator feinstein and i took the amber alert for affected children nationwide which has accounted for rescuing document almost 600 children since its passage. i remember whe
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3